Articles 15-22 of the GDPR provide specific data rights. Data controllers are obliged to facilitate the exercise of these rights and cannot delegate this task to others. Some blockchain data rights do not pose specific problems, but others do cause technical problems and legal challenges. Possible solutions to these problems depend on the identity of the data controller as well as on their influence on the data. Of course, the application of these data rights can only be assessed on the basis of case analysis which assigns specific techniques to each data processing function.

According to Article 15 of GDPR…

The clipboard is a buffer that is used for storing temporary data we have copied. When we click the “copy” button, we actually tell our computer to store the data we want to copy, to this specific buffer. After that, when we “paste” those data, we ask our computer to recall those data from the buffer.

In this article, I am going to show you how to implement a very simple but very harmful crypto-malware. This malware is actually a python script that can take over the control of a victim’s clipboard.


Consider we are having three Bitcoin users (Alice…

One of the advantages of the internet is the easy and free access to any kind of information. However, this does not necessarily mean that all the information is valid. Different people interpret different things in different ways to meet different goals.

One of the most popular areas where this situation prevails in the area of cybersecurity. Hundreds of myths have been invented about the user’s safety and privacy while using the internet, a fact which arises from the lack of knowledge as well as from the misinformation.

In this article, I will present 5 of the most popular myths…

GDPR aims to identify the data controller. Article 4 paragraph 7 of GDPR does provide that the data controller is the person or entity that determines the purposes and the data processing means.

When an entity decides to rely on a blockchain as opposed to another centralized database, it has decided on the means of processing personal data and qualifies as a data controller.

It is worth noting that the identification of the data controller is crucial even if the processing of the data is carried out illegally. This means that even when data processing takes place in a context…

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), defines a constant size for all data types and so for the integers. Thus, a variable is used to store an integer, there is a specific range of numbers this variable can take. For example, a uint8 variable, can store numbers between 0 and 255.


Arithmetic Overflow is a condition that occurs when an operation produces a result that is greater than a given register or storage location can store or represent.

Consider we are having a uint8 variable called sum. This variable can take values from 0 to 255 as the scope of a…

HTTP protocol is implemented by two different programs. A client program and a server program. Both client and server programs are executed in different terminals. However, they communicate each other by exchanging HTTP messages.

HTTP, does not store any information about clients, so we call them stateless protocol. This situation, makes the server’s designing process easier, and has also let developers to build high performance web browsers which can handle multiple TCP connections. …

George Giamouridis

Department of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton

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