Data Rights. Compliance with GDPR in Blockchain Networks

Access Right

  • Purpose of processing
  • Categories of relevant personal data
  • Recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data have given
  • Estimated period for which personal data will be stored
  • Existence of the right to request the deletion or processing by the data controller
  • Right for a complaint to a supervisory authority
  • When data are not collected by the person in charge must give information about their source

Correction Right

Deletion Right

  • Personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which there were collected or otherwise processed.
  • The data subject withdraws the consent on which their processing is based
  • The data subject opposes their processing
  • The data has been illegally processed
  • The data must be deleted to comply with a legal obligation to which the controller is the data subject
  • The data has collected for the provision of information to services

Restriction of the Right of Processing

  • The accuracy of the data is questioned by the data subject, allowing the controller to verify the accuracy of the personal data
  • The processing is illegal and the data subject objects to the specification of the personal data and restriction of their use
  • The data controller is no longer needed personal data for processing purposes, but the data subject is required to create, exercise, or defend legal claims
  • The data subject has refused to process whether the controller’s names prevail over those of the data subject
  • In case the processing is restricted, the personal data other than the storage should be processed only with the consent of the subject
  • The data subject who has restricted the processing shall be informed by the controller before canceling it

Right to Transition

  • Processing is based on consent in accordance with Article 6
  • Processing is by automated means
  1. This right obviously only applies to their personal data
  2. Such personal data must have been transferred from the data subject to the data controller
  3. Personal data and their processing is based on the consent of the subject
  4. The processing is done through an automated process



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